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Multilayer and Monolayer Blown Film Plant Range

Monolayer Blown Film Plant

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Three Layer Blown Film Plant (a-b-a)

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Blown Film Plant - Monolayer Blown Film Plant, Multilayer Blown Film Plant (Two Layer, Three Layer)

Finetech is a leading manufacturer & exporter of wide range blown film plants (monolayer/multilayer blown film plant a-b-a, a-b-c) to make high quality plastic films that is used in packaging industry. Different blown film line includes monolayer film plant, two layer and three layer blown film plant. Two layer and three layer blown film plant are also known as multilayer blown film plant. Monolayer blown film line consists of one extruder whereas three layer film plant consists of three extruders (a-b-a / a-b-c).

Working Principle of Blown Film Plant

The tube of molten polymer is been extruded through a die, in order to form a thin film bubble. The bubble is used to lay a flat film and bags can be made. Blown film can be used in tube form for example plastic bags and sacks or tube can be used to form the sheet. It is typically been used in industry packaging, consumer packaging film for frozen food, laminating film, barrier film and agricultural film. They are used for making carry bags, shopping bags, milk packaging, garbage bags, water pouches and many more.

Our monolayer film plant incorporates with advanced features like grooved feed section, barrier screw design, fix die, candle filter, air cooling ring, two station semi-automatic winder, AC inverter, rigid construction. The machine is been typically used in packaging industries for manufacturing different types of bags like pick up bag, shopping bag, grocery bag and many more. For high strength packaging, A-B-A die blown film plant is used for producing different types of bags like shopping bags, garbage bags etc. Its various features helps to increase extruder output, product quality and many more. 3 Layer Film Plant (A-B-C film plant) also known as multilayer blown film plant has the maximum capacity of producing output as compared to other film plant machineries. This film plant is capable to produce different films like lamination film, stretch film etc. Its various features helps to produce high quality films used in packaging industries. For producing barrier films two layer blown film machine is used for making shopping bags, carry bags etc. Also mulch film is also been produced with the help of two layer blown film plant used in industrial sector.

Blown film plant is the common method of manufacturing film in different industries. There are various advantages of manufacturing film with the help of this blown film plant.

  • It produces tubing in single operation
  • It is used for manufacturing co-extruded, multi-layer film for high barrier applications like food packaging
  • The width & thickness can be controlled by the volume of air in the bubble of the blown film plant
  • For flat die film, blown film plant can eliminate the effects such as non-uniform temperature and edge bead trim
  • Blown film plant is capable of biaxial orientation

Monolayer & Multilayer Blown Film Plant Videos

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