We are supplying Witte Melt pump with full control system.

       The WITTE Pumps & Technology GmbH stands for efficient and extraordinary pump solutions and has been of the leading pump manufacturers in the field of precision gear pumps made in Germany since company founding in 1984.The EXTRU series of Gear pump is mainly used in Extruders.

Melt Pump System Details:

·      Witte make melt pump with heater and thermocouple

·      Siemens / ABB motor and Bonfiglioli / PBL / Elecon gearbox

·      Gefran make transducer

·      Control Panel

Advantages of Melt Pump:

It reduces natural pulsation and variation in output pressure in the die, which results in uniform thickness and accurate gauge control, hence denier variation is negligible.

2.    The required pressure is to be produced by the melt pump instead of the Extruder screw. So, the Extruder Screw life is increased.

3.    The overall power consumption (Electricity) is greatly reduced.

4.    Due to power saving only payback on investment is 1 year.

5.    Significant material savings by improved metering accuracy, which reduces scrap.

6.     Faster start up

7.    Increased output by improving screw efficiency.

8.    Material saving. Recycled material can be used without compromising on quality.

9.    Lower processing temperature.

10. Precise construction of gear tooth makes Melt pump extremely accurate volumetric control device.


1.    Woven Sack

2.    Lamination Plant

3.    Blown film plant

4.    Sheet line

5.    Other orientation lines


      PET, PBT, PA, PC, PS, SAN, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, LLDP, PP, PE, POM, HIPS and Biopolymers

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