Monolayer 1250 Blown Film Plant

Finetech Engineers offers the range of Mono layer blown film plant of different screw diameters that meets the need of the customer’s requirement. Our mono film plant are available with the output ranging from 80-100kg/hr. and 100-110 kg/hr. and layflat ranging from 400mm to 1150mm for processing different polymers. Mono layer Blown film plant is used for Shopping bag, Liners, Grocery bag etc.

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Mono Layer Blown Film Plant Features:

  • Grooved feed section will increase extruder output.
  • Barrier screw design will increase product quality
  • Fix die
  • Candle filter
  • Air cooling ring
  • Two station semi automatic winder
  • AC inverter drive is maintenance free
  • Rigid construction


Application of Mono Film Plant:

  • Pick up bag
  • Shopping bag
  • Grocery bag
  • Dairy packaging
  • Garbage packaging
  • Detergent bag



Description Unit Mono 1000 Mono 1250
Screw dia mm 55 60
L/D Ratio 30 30
Max. Throughput kg / hr 80-100 100-110
Main motor HP 50 75
Layflat mm 400-900 400-1150
Thickness Range micron 20-150 20-150
Die Size mm 250 300
Nip Roll mm 1000 1250
Connected Load HP 100 150
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