Raffia Tape Line

Raffia Tape Line

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Raffia Tape Stretching Plant - Raffia Tape Line

Finetech Engineers offers a good option for making packaging components by Raffia Tape Line. It is designed for producing PH/HDPE raffia tape which is used to make packaging products like fertilizer bags, rice bags, cement bag, tarpaulin, chemicals and fertilizers bags for safe and moisture free packing. Finetech Raffia Tape Stretching Plant is also used to make ropes and yarns.

We offer the best quality raffia tape stretching line product features like less down time, low energy consumption as well as reduce product loss. The materials of the raffia tape line includes polypropylene, biaxial oriented polypropylene and other. As the raw materials are easily available for production and hence is increasing the demand for raffia tape stretching line. For end- user industries, raffia tape line is preferred as it is convenient as well as economical. We manufacture the raffia tape stretching plant as per the client specific requirement with high Price-Performance ratio and the lowest cost and maintenance to 100% satisfaction to our domestic and international clients. We ensure the highest quality that increases ROI.

Raffia tape line is highly demanded for packaging in various industries. In the developing and the developed countries, mainly the food manufacturing industry has influenced the growth of demand for raffia tape stretching line. In Asia Pacific regions includes China & India and then other developed countries like Europe & North America where the raffia tape line is highly demanded.

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